Nice Things I Want To Do

  1. Sponsor a cherry tree in memory of Bubble.
  2. Choose a colour to paint the kitchen.
  3. Go for a walk somewhere that isn’t flooded.
  4. Take my old books and clothes to the charity shop.
  5. Start my Christmas shopping.
  6. Book train tickets to visit my sister.
  7. Nominate my favourite mental health blogs for the TWIM awards.
  8. Spend a day somewhere that’s meaningful to me, like Durham Cathedral or Alnwick Garden.
  9. Cook a new recipe.
  10. Look for Christian resources on radical acceptance.

3 thoughts on “Nice Things I Want To Do

  1. Thank you, both! I’ve just been crossing things off the list. I can’t believe I’ve done half of the items already (though admittedly the ones that were less challenging to me). The new recipe was tuna steaks in home-made barbecue sauce, done in the slow cooker.

    RainbowCatcher, it’s on my wish list! 🙂

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