Green Light

The past few weeks have been extremely difficult. I don’t know whether it’s the cumulative effect of so many problems and delays, or the fact that baby May would have been due on Tuesday, but having to take three whole months off treatment hit me hard and I’ve been feeling close to breaking point.

The good news is I don’t have to take three months of treatment. It just took a little creative thinking and compromise. So what’s been happening while I haven’t been writing?

  • I decided against egg sharing at the private clinic for now. It may seem to make more sense financially, but it just doesn’t feel right. Thinking about it, we wouldn’t really have any less red tape as egg sharers, because we’d be dependent on another couple having IVF at the same time as us and paying for our treatment. I want to stick with our current clinic where the staff are all really lovely (important when they’re shoving catheters in your cervix and taking you on an emotional rollercoaster) – and, as OH noted on her blog, I’m not 100% comfortable with the idea of embryos being created and then thrown away or never used.
  • Nonetheless, we discovered the private clinic are reading our minds (or at least my blog) when they sent me a letter out of the blue offering us a free consultation. We’ve decided to take them up on it, as we haven’t ruled out the option of using them in future, especially if it turns out I need IVF. We might as well ask them all our questions and see whether their staff are lovely too… I didn’t get a great vibe last time, but that might have been because I was new to the idea of treatment and terrified.
  • I saw my whole family the other weekend (a rare occurrence, as we’re scattered all across England, Wales and Scotland) and told my grandparents, uncles and aunt about fertility treatment and my miscarriage. It’s now completely out in the open, which is a relief. Everyone was lovely and seemed pleased for me. I know my aunt struggled with the concept a bit – she isn’t entirely comfortable with the idea of same-sex relationships – but she was very understanding of how difficult it must have been for me to lose a baby while my sister was pregnant, as she’s been unable to have children herself. I’m so glad I had that conversation.
  • OH and I chose our new sperm donor! It’s weird… we have so little information on him, and he comes (no pun intended) with a long number instead of a comedy pseudonym. However, he has similar colouring to OH, which was our main criterion.
  • While we were at the clinic, we explained our predicament about our holiday in June and needing to wait so long for treatment. It turns out their lab is actually closed for maintenance for three weeks in June anyway, coinciding almost exactly with our holiday! That makes me feel a little better about going away. Unfortunately, there was nothing they could do to bring our appointment with the consultant forward, but they booked us in for a practical appointment with the nurses, where we learn all about the protocol and injections. They said we could go straight into superovulation from that appointment, if we didn’t have any questions the nurse couldn’t answer, but that they wouldn’t necessarily recommend it… and after we’d left, I realised that my period was likely to come too early even for that.

And then I had my epiphany. On Sunday. During evensong, when I was failing to pay attention to the sermon.

What if I had another IUI without drugs this month? Now that our new donor’s been sorted, I don’t need any extra appointments for that. Granted, the success rates aren’t brilliant, but that’s kind of the point – superovulation only increases them a little bit, and with odds that low, you have to keep trying as often as you can. The months with treatment are stressful but the limbo in between, the knowing my finite little eggs aren’t even getting the chance to meet some sperm, are worse. I need to keep up that sense of momentum.

So it was with much trepidation that I phoned the fertility clinic yesterday. I didn’t think they could really say no, but… well, actually, I’m not entirely sure what I was scared of, but as OH will confirm, I was terrified. Luckily, when they got back to us today, the nurse was very much on the same page as me. Yes, I can have a fourth natural cycle, and yes, we can still attend our appointments with the consultant and nurse in the mean time so everything will be lined up for superovulation if we need it. Finally, it seems we’ve all found a way to get around the red tape. As the icing on the cake, my period came today rather than on Saturday, which means there’s less chance of me ovulating on a weekend when (a) the lab is closed and (b) I’m supposed to be at a conference.

To me, this is all wonderful news. To OH, it’s more of a mixed bag. She loved my IVF idea, was gutted when I changed my mind, and the prospect of more IUI – of any kind – doesn’t exactly fill her with enthusiasm. I feel horrible about that, but OH has always made it clear that since it’s my body, she wants me to make the treatment decisions and she will support me whatever. I’m so very lucky to have such an understanding and loving partner.

8 thoughts on “Green Light

  1. I’m glad your trying again, not being able to do anything is so difficult, tortuous almost. Just remember IUIs do work. They wouldn’t do them if they didn’t. Just be positive 🙂 xx

  2. Congratulations on trying again and on being assertive about what you want. We’re trying this month, too, and I hope that by the end of the month there will be two sets of BFPs awaiting us. *fingers crossed* tightly for you!

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