New Name, New Look

When I started writing Songs & Sonnets, I didn’t expect it to be an infertility blog. Sure, I thought I would write about our attempts to conceive, but that was supposed to be just one strand of it – I planned to write about my everyday life, mindfulness, mental health, my faith more broadly, and of course to share my poems: hence the name.

Nine months later, this blog has developed an identity of its own and I decided to make this official with a change of name and a new look. So, welcome to Mama, Interrupted. It may not be the cheeriest blog in the world, but it’s honest and (I think) says something important and I hope, one day, we will get our happy ending.

9 thoughts on “New Name, New Look

  1. Nice new name. Plus when you are a mama you will be interrupted forevermore, so it will still be relevant! (PS I wish I was an interrupted mama in that sense too.)

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