A Day in the Life

We are all set for IUI #5! I take my last Menopur and buserelin this morning, inject the Pregnyl at midnight, and then the insemination is booked for 2pm on Monday.

This month, I feel more relieved than excited. I’ve found superovulation to be a gruelling process. I don’t mind the injections per se – sticking a needle in myself no longer seems like a big deal – but the drugs are faffy to prepare and have to be taken at the same time every day. A typical day looks something like this:

No scan appointment (every other day)

06:00 – Wake up whether I like it or not, and wonder why on earth I opted for 9am injections “so I could have a lie-in”.

08:00 – Start worrying that I will inadvertently miss my injection slot, will have run out of needles, or the drugs will have frozen in the refrigerator.

09:00 – Evict cat from kitchen and close door. Realise other cat is still sat on windowsill. Lather, rinse, repeat. Eventually wipe down kitchen table, wash hands and set everything out. Worry that I will somehow cock up the injection process. Draw up buserelin and inject. Uh-oh, now it’s time for the Menopur. I’ve managed to cut myself snapping the top off the glass vial several times, and my fear is that it will completely shatter and I won’t have any solution for injection. OK, breathe. Make up Menopur with the scarily large pink needle, change needle and inject.

09:20 And relax! Or in other words, switch on the computer (also on the kitchen table, since we’re decorating my office) and start work.

Scan appointment

06:00 – Woken up by my alarm. Clearly, today is the day I would have had a lie-in.

08:00 – Arrive at clinic. Worry about where to do injections in an hour’s time, and again, wonder why on earth I decided on 9am. Scan shows my follicles are growing nicely (though I get scared when the sonographer starts with the smallest one, which wasn’t worthy of mention last time. For a moment, OH and I both think my follicles have shrunk). Nurse takes my blood – it’s been quite some time since I’ve had to lie down for a blood test, and I start to wonder whether I might be brave enough to watch.

09:00 – Do injections, either at the clinic (they let me use one of their rooms) or in OH’s office. Go for (placebo) coffee and breakfast.

10:00 – Fill prescription at hospital pharmacy, which is on the other side of town. I walk, so at least I’m getting plenty of exercise.

11:00 – Arrive home, realise I forgot to put my out-of-office on (oops), and attempt to cram a day’s work into a few hours.

16:00 – Ring clinic for blood test results. I really must ask what they’re testing for one of these days, because the ‘result’ they give me is usually something like, “Come back on Wednesday.” I’m working on the assumption that they’re checking my oestrogen and the levels are OK.

18:00 – I’m shattered, but my back is also killing me from working at the kitchen table, so I’d better get on with that third coat of paint.

A word to the wise: Don’t embark on a major decorating project at the same time as any fertility treatment that involves injections and close monitoring. I thought I was “getting on with my life outside TTC”, but I was wrong. What I’ve actually done is ensured there’s chaos in several areas of my life rather than just one.

Now, I must go – it’s almost time to wipe down the kitchen table and evict the cat.

8 thoughts on “A Day in the Life

  1. I have only just found your blog, but I really hope you have success this time, sending many positive vibes!

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